SEG Editor Guidelines

SEG Editor Guidelines

Editor plays an important role in open access publishing. Scientific Eminence Group chooses highly qualified experts in the field of journal to maintain quality standards with ethical values in publication.

Editors play a prominent role in maintaining the standards of the journal and monitoring the entire publication process of manuscript.

SEG welcome scientists, researchers, medical practitioners, academicians such as professors and associate professor as an editorial board member of the Journal. Editorial board membership is a formal contract without any bond for accepting the responsibilities. This productive collaboration is contributing to the scientific community by delivering genuine and optimized research results to the readers. It is useful to resolve any scientific disputes and enhances the ethical publishing practice. SEG maintains a healthy relationship with editors and respect their passion and value their decision. Interestedaspirants to become an editor of SEG journals, can send their C.V, Passport size photo along with their expertise in a specific field of science or discipline to

Editors General duties and responsibilities

Editors should evaluate and determine whether the submitted manuscript is suitable for the scope of the journal or not.

The core role of editor members is to handle the peer review of manuscripts and recommendation on the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript within stipulated time.

Editors must maintain the confidentiality of authors work and data. Any Important information or ideas obtained through a peer review process must be kept confidential and should not use authors unpublished work and material.

Editor should evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, country or political philosophy of the authors.

Editors should abide by a Code of Ethics regarding honesty and follow ethical standards in the conduct and reporting research and evaluate the peer review process without regard to race, sexual orientation, cultural viewpoint, institutional affiliation of the author, religious belief, ethnic origin, country or political philosophy of the authors.

Being a part of the scientific community, Editors has the responsibility towards authors, peer reviewers, journal readers and should actively seek the views of them to improve the standards of the Journal.

The editors should ensure that the articles are handled the meticulous peer review process with transparency and evaluated according to journal guidelines and constructive feedback is provided to the authors in order to enhance the quality of the articles and greatly maintain the journal standards.

Editors should communicate periodically and timely with editorial office and provide the guidelines and suggestions to set high standards to the journal for receiving quality manuscripts. In case of busy with other commitments, can assign editorial duties to Editorial Office with prior intimation.

Editors should handle special issue topics within their expertise as per convenience and should support, promote the journal within their scientific community.

Support initiatives designed to reduce academic misconduct and educate researchers about publication ethics.

Editorial decisions should be responsible, reasonable and should communicate with a clear and positive manner. Editor decision remains final.

Editorial Board Member Benefits

Editorial board member will be felicitated with honorable certificate.

Free registration for SEG scientific conference and full waiver on editorial and review article publications.

Being on the editorial board member is truly productive and prestigious which helps to create your identity as a well-known expert in your field that lead to increased scientific invitations to speak at conferences around the world.

Peer review services will useful to gain valuable experience and enhance knowledge of professional standards. Editors can have the access the latest research before everyone else that allows a position of leadership in your research community.

Editors will be 10% rewarded through fetching a membership from any institution/university to the editorial office.

There will be more benefits to the editors who really works on getting the articles, conducting meetings with other board members; increase the citations, indexing the journals and improvement of the journal standards.

There will be rewards every year depends on the editors’ dynamic support, mastery in the field, commitment towards the Journal.