Administrative & Service costs


Scientific Eminence Group prior agenda is to publish quality research work for the science reinforcement and strictly will not entertain any kind of plagiarized content articles, commercial, promotional and advertisement article and research work which doesn’t have novelty the sake ofarticle processing charges, even though paying much more than it.

We do follow strict ethics in academic journal publication as it impacts on human health standards throughout the globe.

Scientific Eminence Group publish the research work in open access model which will not charge from the readers and scholars. Author’s work will be distributed, promoted and grant the free access to users. Apart from this, as SEG is a Non-government organization and not funded by any research institute, government funding agencies, University, Academic Institute, Lab or any funding organization, it solely depends on the author’s contribution to cover the production cost of the article.

So, article processing charges are involved in publication of article and typically paid by authors using funds from their institution or funding body such as sponsoring companies, their country government or agency, Universities.

These article processing charges cover the costs of peer review administration and management cost related to salaries of non-editorial staff, detailed subediting, formatting and layout, copyediting and proofreading,electronic composition, editorial costs, Editorial management system, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, digital archiving, crossrefdoi submission, indexing services to dissemination of published papers in various venues, apart from other publishing functions.

We do not charge article processing charges by the time of submission or not even at the time of review process, as there are chances to get rejected due to lack of scientific novelty. No charges for rejected articles and Corrections, Editorials, Addendums, Retractions, Comments, etc. will be processed with free of charge till final copy is accepted by the author.

SEG article processing charges for each journal is given in the table below

Journal Name Processing Charges
Journal of Medicinal Science and Research (JMSR) $1889 USD
International Journal of Biotechnology and Biology Application (JBBA) $1889 USD
European Journal of Gastroenterology and Digestive Diseases (JGDD) $1889 USD
World Journal of Environmental Science and Energy (JESE) $1889 USD
World Journal of Advances in Astronomy and Astrophysics (JAAA) $1889 USD
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (JNST) $1889 USD
Journal of Pathology and Medicine (JPM) $1889 USD
Journal of Plant Biology and Agronomy (JPBA) $1889 USD
Journal of Microbiology and Bacteriology Research (JMBR) $1889 USD
Journal of Business Management and Economics Statistics (JBME) $1889 USD
Journal of Neuroscience Research and Alzheimer's Disease (JNRA) $1889 USD
Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Dairy & Poultry Research (JVSD) $1889 USD
Journal of Chemical Reactions and Catalysis Research (JCRC) $1889 USD
World Journal of Advances in Applied Physics and Mathematical Theories (JAPM) $1889 USD
Journal of Women Health Care and Reproductive Medicine (JWRM) $1889 USD
Journal of Cardiovascular Research and Heart Valve Disease (JCRH) $1889 USD
Journal of Dental Research and Oral Health (JDRO) $1889 USD
Journal of Pediatric Care and Neonatology (JPCN) $1889 USD
Journal of Traditional, Complementary & Alternative Medicine (JTCA) $1889 USD
Journal of Hepatology, Nephrology, Endocrinology Science (JHNE) $1889 USD
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Systems (JAIS) $1889 USD
Journal of Antibiotics, Antimicrobials & Antibiotic Resistance (JAAR) $1889 USD
Archives of Animal Science (AAS) $1889 USD
Journal of Bone Research and Orthopaedic Surgery (JBOS) $1889 USD
Journal of Energy and Renewable Resources (JERR) $1889 USD
Journal of Diabetes and Care (JDC) $1889 USD
Journal of Hypertension and Risk Factors (JHRF) $1889 USD
Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and therapeutics (JOT) $1889 USD
Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Protection (JOEP) $1889 USD
Journal of Dermatology and Clinical Cosmetics (JDCC) $1889 USD
Journal of Clinical Pathology and Research (JCPR) $1889 USD
Journal of Research on Adolescent and child Health (JRAC) $1889 USD
Annals of Radiology and Medical Imaging (ARMI) $1889 USD
Journal of Pulmonary Research and Therapeutics (JPRT) $1889 USD
Journal of Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Diseases (JRMD) $1889 USD
Journal of Molecular Chemistry and Chemical Sciences (JMCS) $1889 USD
Journal of Developmental Biology and Cell Metabolism (JDBC) $1889 USD
Journal of Herbal Medicine and Medicinal plants (JHMP) $1889 USD
Journal of Latest Research on Remote sensing (JLRS) $1889 USD
Journal of Information Security and its Applications (JISA) $1889 USD
Journal of Obesity and Complications (JOC) $1889 USD
Journal of Urology and Renal Disorders (JURD) $1889 USD
Journal of Genetic Diseases and Therapeutics (JGDT) $1889 USD
Journal of Pharmacogenetics and Precision Medicine (JPPM) $1889 USD
journal of Trauma and Stress Disorders (JTSD) $1889 USD
Journal of Advanced Oncogenomics (JAO) $1889 USD
International Journal on Toxicology and Novel Drug Delivery (IJTN) $1889 USD
Annals of Structural and Molecular Biology (ASMB) $1889 USD
Annals of Public Health and Preservative Medicine (APPM) $1889 USD
International Journal on Regenerative Medicine and Stemcells (IJRS) $1889 USD
Archives on Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry (ABPC) $1889 USD
Journal of In vitro fertilization and Andrology (JIFA) $1889 USD
Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy (JPRP) $1889 USD
Journal of Biodegradation and Bioremediation (JBB) $1889 USD
Journal of Laser Therapy and Cosmetic Surgery (JLCS) $1889 USD
Journal of Organic Farming and Biofertilisers (JOFB) $1889 USD
American Journal of Cancer Research and Oncology (AJCO) $1889 USD
World Journal of Immunology and Respiratory Medicine (JIRM) $1889 USD
American Journal of Cancer Research and Oncology (AJCO) $1889 USD

Author Withdrawal Policy: We do not tolerate parallel submissions. Authors can only withdraw the article within five days from the date of submission. Otherwise, authors need to pay minimum processing charges to cover peer review administration and management cost and system management resource utilization cost. It can’t be withdrawn after completion of the review process.

Authors have to pay one-time article processing charges which will be invoiced after completion of publication process. It can be remittedthrough Bank Deposit/NEFT or Online payment gateways such as PayPal, Instamojo.

We value and maintain long term scientific relationship with authors by providing 15-20% discounts for further publication of authors work in any of our Journals. We do offer long term memberships for the convenience of authors. Interested authors about membership queries can contact us on

Our different types of memberships mentioned below

Membership Type 1 Year Membership 2 Year Membership
Individual membership 3899 USD 5799 USD
Institutional membership 6899 USD 10899 USD
Corporate membership 8899 USD 13899 USD

Discounts and waivers

We are committed to supporting the transition of scientific research work to be open access. So, we do support developing countries researchers and research work which doesn’t have funding support by providing considerable discounts on article processing charges to encourage scientific research. Discounts or waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis depends on the quality of the research article and authors’ financial circumstances and their designations. In order to avail the discounts, it requires to make an application to financial department through prior submission of article.